Dr Tracey Edgell

Educated in the UK, Dr Tracey Edgell came to Australia in 1999 after completing her PhD. She spent 11years working within the Australian biotechnology sector as an R&D scientist, with expertise in biomarker identification and assay development. In 2011, Dr Edgell joined the Centre for Reproductive Health at the Hudson Institute (formerly Prince Henrys Institute).

A recipient of funding from NHMRC, Merck Serono Grant for Fertility Innovation and Ferring Innovation grants Dr Edgell has developed programs of work identifying dysregulated protein biomarkers of the human endometrium. Her work encompasses cytokine/chemokine expression, the endometrial glycoproteome and investigation of proliferative phase changes underpinning failure of the endometrium to achieve a receptive state. Her work aims to provide biomarkers of diagnostic utility to improve live birth success rates within the IVF clinic, alongside defining mechanism of action and role in the establishment of receptivity and dialogue with an embryo.

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