Dr Gordon Refshauge

Dr Gordon Refshauge is a Livestock Research Officer in the field of Small ruminant reproduction and is based at Cowra Agricultural Research and Advisory Station. He joined NSW DPI in 2008 as a site scientist managing the Sheep CRC2 resource flock, the Information Nucleus Flock (INF).

Gordon's recent studies include examining heat stress on ewe body temperature; post-conception feed intake on pregnancy rate; anti-hormone vaccination to improve ewe fertility and fecundity; cause of death in newborn lambs; mineral health of twin bearing ewes grazing cereal crops and pastures and; studies examining mob size on lamb survival

His current research activities include examining the effects of perennial wheat on sheep mineral health, growth and carcase quality; mineral and vitamins to boost lamb survival; managing triplet ewes to improve ewe and lamb survival; refining body condition scores for season, region and breed; improving the adoption of ultrasound pregnancy scanning and; reducing kid loss in the goat industry. 

Gordon has partnered in research with levy-fund providers and collaborators including AWI, MLA, Murdoch University, University of Sydney, Charles Sturt University and Sheep CRC2.

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