ESA/ SRB Early Career Development Workshop

Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Date: Wednesday 22nd August  
Location: Adelaide Convention Centre, Room TBC

Boxed Lunch for all attendees

The workshop will cover 2 major topics:

  1. The impending changes to the NHMRC research funding system.
  2. Academic life, how to position yourself for a tenured teaching/research position.

1:00 to 1:20pm
Changes to the NHMRC research funding system- how will this impact early- and mid-career researchers
Speaker A. Prof Zane Andrew
15 minute presentation and 5 minutes of questions

Academic Life: Panel discussion
Panel members will introduce themselves explain a little about why they chose a teaching/ research career, the highlights and hurdles they have had to face.
1:20-1:25 pm- Prof Brett Nixon (University of Newcastle)
1:25- 1:30 pm- Dr Belinda Henry (Monash University)
1:33- 1:35 pm- Dr Mark Green (University of Melbourne)
1:35- 1:40 pm- Dr Kathy Gatford (University of Adelaide)

1:40- 2:00 pm open discussion and networking

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